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Na+/H+逆向转运蛋白(Na+/H+ antiporter, NHX)是植物响应非生物逆境胁迫的一种重要离子转运蛋白。NHX通过介导Na+/H+K+/H+交换来维持胞质中的K+/Na+的相对稳定, 以调节植物体内的离子稳态平衡调节pH和囊泡运输等。本文就NHX的发现、分子结构、分类、调控机制、生物学功能及其在植物应答非生物逆境胁迫中的作用等方面研究成果加以综述, 并对其未来研究方向进行初步的展望, 以期为作物抗逆性遗传改良方面提供理论依据和基因资源。

关键词:离子转运蛋白; NHX; 离子区域化; 非生物胁迫; 生物学功能

收稿:2021-05-22   修定:2021-09-13

资助:国家自然科学基金(31860404和32160466)和兰州市科技计 划项目(2021-1-165)。

The role of Na+/H+ antiporter in response of plant to abiotic stress

KANG Hongxia, WU Guoqiang*, WEI Ming, LI Shanjia
School of Life Science and Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou 730050, China

Corresponding author: WU Guoqiang; E-mail:


Na+/H+ antiporter (NHX) is an important ion transporter in response to abiotic stress in plants. NHX regulates ion homeostasis and intracellular pH and vesicle transport in plants by mediating Na+/Hand/or K+/H+ exchange to maintain the relative stability of K+/Na+ in the cytoplasm. In this paper, the research progress on the discovery, molecular structure, classification, biological function of NHX, and its roles in the response of plant to abiotic stress were summarized, and a preliminary prospect of its future research direction was prospected. This work could provide some theoretical basis and genetic resources
for the genetic improvement of crop stress resistance.

Key words: ion transporter; NHX; ion compartmentation; abiotic stress; biological function

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