1-MCP (1-甲基环丙烯)与CaCl2处理对桃果实采后贮藏品质及生理的影响

青岛农业大学园艺学院, 山东青岛266109

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本试验以双奥红桃果实为试验材料, 测定了低温条件下CaCl21-MCP (1-甲基环丙烯)单独或复合处理对桃果实采后贮藏品质和生理的影响。研究结果表明: 各处理对果实的可溶性固形物含量的影响较小, 但均能推迟桃果实呼吸高峰出现的时间, 降低呼吸强度和乙烯释放量, 减少果实的腐烂和褐变, 减缓果实的软化, 其中CaCl21-MCP复合处理效果最好。 CaCl2处理促进了桃果实中蔗糖和葡萄糖的积累, 而其他两种处理加快了果实中可溶性糖的消解; 各处理均导致了桃果实苹果酸和柠檬酸含量的下降, 其中,复合处理的下降幅度最小, CaCl2处理的下降速度最快。因此, 三种处理之间, CaCl2有利于促进桃果实中糖的积累, CaCl21-MCP复合处理更有利于桃果实的贮藏保鲜。

关键词:桃; CaCl2; 1-MCP; 贮藏品质

收稿:2021-01-06   修定:2021-04-08

资助:国家重点研发计划项目(2018YFD1000200)、山东省自然科学基金(ZR2020MC136)、山东省农业良种工程项目(2020LZGC007)、 青岛市民生科技计划项目(14-2-3-38-nsh)、山东省高等学校省级大学生创新创业训练计划项目(S201910435051)

Effects of 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene) and CaCl2 treatments on postharvest storage quality and physiology of peach fruit

WANG Meihong, LI Yinuo, GE Keliang, LIU Yunjie, DUAN Yanxin*
College of Horticulture, Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao, Shandong 266109, China

Corresponding author: DUAN Yanxin; E-mail: dyxdyx2007@163.com


The effects of CaCl2 and 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene) on postharvest storage quality and physiology of peach ‘Shuangaohong’ fruit were investigated under low temperature condition. The results showed that all treatments had minor influence on total soluble solids content of fruit, but could delay the appearance of respiratory peaks, reduce respiratory intensity and ethylene production, alleviate the fruit decay and browning, thus resulting in slowing down fruit softening. Among them, CaCl2 combined with 1-MCP treatment showed the prominent effect. An enhanced accumulation of sucrose and glucose was observed in fruit with CaCl2 treatment, however, soluble sugar digestion was accelerated by the other two treatments. All treatments resulted in decrease of malic acid and citric acid contents in peach fruit, and the combined treatment had the smallest decline, while CaCl2 signifcantly contributed to the decrease. Therefore, among the three treatments, CaCl2 promotes the sugar accumulation of peach fruit, while the combined treatment of CaCl2 and 1-MCP is more conductive to the storage and preservation of peach fruit.

Key words: peach; CaCl2; 1-MCP; storage quality

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