翟世博1, 苏良辰3, 方妍妮1, 李玲1, 郭栋梁2,*
1广东省植物发育生物工程重点实验室, 华南师范大学生命科学学院, 广州510631; 2农业部南亚热带果树生物学与遗传利用重点实验室, 广东省农业科学院果树研究所, 广州510640; 3遵义医学院珠海校区生物工程系, 广东珠海519041

通信作者:郭栋梁;E-mail: gdl2004_1979@163.com

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龙眼是重要的热带、亚热带水果, 成花不稳定是生产上亟待解决的关键问题。用KClO3诱导龙眼成花已在生产中得到广泛应用, 但其机理尚不清楚。前期研究分析了KClO3诱导龙眼成花的差异表达基因库, 筛选并获得17个CONSTANS (CO)家族基因, 通过对基因序列的分析以及与已知的拟南芥CO家族基因比对发现该17个基因可分成五类。分析KClO3处理诱导龙眼花芽形成过程中CO家族基因表达变化, 与对照组比, 在KClO3处理后10 d, Lon48093Lon69124基因的表达量上调; 处理后20 d时, Lon47354Lon64693Lon65155Lon82398Lon85671基因的表达量上调; Lon64611Lon88911基因的表达量在处理后10 d和20 d都比对照组高; 与对照组相比, Lon20604Lon77442Lon73542Lon68235Lon81334Lon62117Lon71926Lon87048基因的表达量在KClO3处理后的各个时期始终下调。推测在KClO3处理龙眼植株诱导提前成花过程中的不同阶段, Lon82398Lon48093Lon47354Lon64693Lon65155Lon85671Lon88911Lon64611Lon69124基因起正调控作用; Lon20604Lon77442Lon73542基因起负调控作用; Lon68235Lon81334Lon62117Lon71926Lon87048基因对该过程的影响很小。

关键词:龙眼; CONSTANS基因; KClO3处理; 基因表达; 花芽形成

收稿:2016-06-02   修定:2016-08-12


Effects of KClO3 on the expression of CONSTANS family genes in the control of flower bud formation of longan

ZHAI Shi-Bo1, SU Liang-Chen3, FANG Yan-Ni1, LI Ling1, GUO Dong-Liang2,*
1Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Biotechnology for Plant Development, School of Life Sciences, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631, China; 2Key Laboratory of South Subtropical Fruit Biology and Genetic Resource Utilization, Ministry of Agriculture, Fruit Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangzhou 510640, China; 3Department of Bioengineering, Zhuhai Campus, Zunyi Medical College, Zhuhai, Guangdong 519041, China

Corresponding author: GUO Dong-Liang; E-mail: gdl2004_1979@163.com


Longan is one of the important tropical and subtropical fruits, flowering instability is a key problem to be solved in production. It has been widely used that inducing longan flowering by use KClO3 in production, the mechanism is not clear yet. We analyzed the database of differentially expressed gene in longan flowering, screened and obtained 17 CONSTANS (CO) gene, and the 17 genes can be divided into five types through the analysis of the gene sequences and the comparison with the known CO family genes in Arabidopsis. In this article, analysis of the change of CO gene expression in the process of flower bud formation induced by KClO3: the expression of Lon48093 and Lon69124 were higher than that of the control group after 10 day under the KClO3 treatment compared with the control group, while Lon47354, Lon64693, Lon65155, Lon82398 and Lon85671 were higher than the control group in 20 day, and Lon64611 and Lon88911 were higher than the control group in 10 day and 20 day, but Lon20604, Lon77442, Lon73542, Lon68235, Lon81334, Lon62117, Lon71926 and Lon87048 were lower than the control group in different time. So speculated that Lon82398, Lon48093, Lon47354, Lon64693, Lon65155, Lon85671, Lon88911, Lon64611 and Lon69124 genes play positive regulation role during the different stages of early flowering induced by KClO3 in longan; while Lon20604, Lon77442 and Lon73542 genes play suppression effect; meanwhile Lon68235, Lon81334, Lon62117, Lon71926 and Lon87048 genes have very small influence on this process.

Key words: longan; CONSTANS gene; KClO3 treatment; gene expression; flower bud formation

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