ABA、BA及DPI对高表达玉米C4 pepc基因的水稻光合特性及叶绿素荧光ABA、BA及DPI对高表达玉米C4 pepc基因的水稻光合特性及叶绿素荧光

李霞*, 任承钢
江苏省农业科学院粮食作物研究所, 国家水稻改良中心南京分中心, 江苏省优质水稻工程技术研究中心, 南京210014

通信作者:李霞;E-mail: jspplx@jaas.ac.cn;Tel: 025-84390361

摘 要:

为阐明水稻高表达玉米C4型磷酸烯醇式丙酮酸羧化酶基因(C4 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase, C4 pepc)出现高光效 的分子机理, 以盆栽转C4 pepc水稻(PC)及野生型Kitaake (WT)为材料, 花后7 d茎吸入脱落酸(abscisic acid, ABA)、正丁醇 (n-butanol, BA)及氯化二亚苯基碘(diphenyleneiodonium, DPI), 考察其对叶片光合特性及酶活性等影响。结果表明: (1)与 ABA处理不同, DPI和BA处理下PC的Pn均呈现先增加后下降的趋势, BA处理0.5 h时Pn明显增加, 原因主要是由于气孔导度 的增加; (2) ABA、BA和DPI对Fv/Fm的影响不明显, 与WT相比, PC的qP下降少; (3) BA处理后PC的PEPC活性降低了26%, 而DPI处理则增加了48%。各处理并未对PEPC蛋白和基因的表达有影响。

关键词:pepc 转基因水稻; H2O2; 正丁醇; ABA; 光合特性

收稿:2012-02-06   修定:2012-03-27


Effects on Photosynthetic and Fluorescence Characteristics under Treatments of ABA, BA or DPI in the Transgenic Rice with Over-Expression C4 pepc Gene

LI Xia*, REN Cheng-Gang
Jiangsu High Quality Rice R&D Center, Nanjing Branch of China National Center Rice Improvement, Institute of Food Crops, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanjing 210014, China

Corresponding author: LI Xia; E-mail: jspplx@jaas.ac.cn; Tel: 025-84390361


In order to elucidate the molecular mechanism on the high photosynthetic efficiency in phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) transgenic rice plants, PEPC transgenic rice plant (PC) and untransformed rice plant, Kitaake (WT) were used as the study materials in pot experiments. With method of reagents inhale from petiole cut, reagents such as abscisic acid (ABA), n-butanol (BA) and diphenyleneiodonium (DPI) were applied in the rice plants at the 7th day after flowering. The photosynthetic and fluorescence characteristics, PEPC activities, pepc gene transcription level, and protein expression of all materials were measured. The results showed that, (1) compared with ABA treatment in PC, the net photosynthetic rates (Pn) of PC after DPI or BA treatment exhibited the similar trends, which increased first and then decreased. Pn of PC after BA treatment increased by 131.6% within 0.5 h, due to the increase of stomatal conductance. (2) ABA, BA and DPI had no significant effects on Fv/Fm of the tested materials. Furthermore, when compared with the WT, PC under different treatments maintained a relatively higher qP. (3) PEPC activity of PC was significantly inhibited by 26% after the BA treatment, while that of PC under DPI was induced to increase by 48%. There are no significant effects on those of WT. Furthermore, the analysis of western blot and RT-PCR bands showed that PEPC protein and gene expression of the tested rice plants did not change significantly after these treatments, which indicated that above changes of PC could be no relativity with pepc gene transcription and protein translation.

Key words: pepc transgenic rice; H2O2; n-butanol; ABA; photosynthetic characteristics

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